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Feed Your Brain – Lose your Belly

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Dr Larry McCleary MD’s book

This book can and will change the way you think about how you feed your body! If you are at that spot in your weight loss – you know that spot – you have tried everything to lose that last 5, 10 or even 20 pounds and NOTHING seems to be working. Then you need Dr McCleary’s book

In this book you will find….

  • * lists of good foods you should be eating to boost brain function, lower cholesterol and increase immunity
  • * detailed meal plans scientifically proven to boost weight loss
  • * recipes for satisfying dishes with a metabolism-boosting fat-to-fiber ratio
  • * case studies of real people who’ve lost weight on the Feed Your Brain, Lose Your Belly diet

Instead of forcing yourself to eat less, you’ll eat better and feel fuller–while providing your brain with the high-octane fuel it needs to thrive.

The information in this book is very helpful and can help even the hardest weight loss case! We as fitness moms LOVE this book and are excited about telling everyone about it! Be sure to go to Amazon and order your copy today! Check out Team TKD and all we do, that and this book will help you find the motivation you need to reach your goals!!

Thanks for reading our blog! Traci Davis

For the love of Chocolate!!

We all LOVE chocolate right? Well what if it was good for you? Well Diana McCalla sent me some Share Chocolate to try!! Wow it was good, and good for you!! is the premier resource for information on the world’s first healthy chocolate, Xocai™. Not only is Xocai™ the category creator in healthy chocolate, but it is also a cutting edge business opportunity that is allowing thousands to earn part and full time incomes from home.

Comparing Xoçai™ to store-bought chocolate

Store-Bought Brands

Store-bought chocolate is typically high in refined (white) sugar, milk fats, and hydrogenated oils – ingredients that replace the truly healthful nutrients found in cocoa.

Further, most store-bought chocolate use a process method called “Dutching,” which adds alkali-potash to the cocoa before roasting. While this process makes processing cocoa less expensive, this alkalinization process removes most of the chocolate’s antioxidant benefits. Another process commonly used by store-bought brands is roasting; when chocolate is prepared above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, most of its antioxidant compounds are destroyed.




Xoçai™ Healthy Chocolate

Xoçai™ products contain all natural, unprocessed cold pressed chocolate. Being unprocessed, it holds 100% of its antioxidant and nutritional value. With Xoçai™. Healthy Chocolate products, you get ALL the antioxidant power of dark chocolate without the fat, preservatives, fillers and high sugar like you do in other chocolate.

Our delicious chocolate products have been created to provide maximum antioxidant benefits, while minimizing the negatives usually associated with chocolate, that is, too much fat and too much sugar. We also use low glycemic sweeteners in our products.

Healthy Chocolate can really be healthy for the heart, diabetics, antioxidants blood pressure and wow even weight loss!!! To get more in please call or email Diana McCalla 949-584-1630 to order visit


Review by Traci Davis ~ The Go To Momma




How is you new years resolution going?

Even if you did not make a resolution this year you have made on before I am sure, most people make one in their life! How have you been doing with yours? Are you trying to shed those extra pounds? Do more exercise? Are you at a stand still need a way to jump back in and get a fresh outlook. Or are you just wanting to start now!!

Well New Life Style Diet is the place to go! New LifeStyle is a great system that works for so many. You can have great tasting meals and still watch the pounds melt away!

Team TKD

Team TKD

Lose weight faster than traditional diet programs and overcome the reasons behind your eating. Whether you need to lose 20 pounds or 200, you’ll achieve fast weight loss results, create a new way of living, and learn how to keep the weight off for the rest of your life.

The New Lifestyle Diet Plan is a portion controlled, nutritionally balanced weight loss program that allows your body to rapidly lose weight, by burning fat for energy. The Women’s and Men’s programs are nutritionally balanced and formulated with a proven combination of calories, carbohydrates, and protein, ensuring that you’ll achieve fast weight loss, while still maintaining your lean muscle. Go to Http:// to get started today!!

Team TKD loves the way the products taste and work!! To save on the program you choose from New LifeStyle be sure to use discount code TEAMTKD and save today!! You will be glad you did!!

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