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Grey Gelding 8 years old

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Bediuno, First Down Dash, Secretariat all on papers

This nice little grey gelding is fast — he has been started on barrels needs some fine tuning but he does have the speed! He is very gentle and handles nice. Great color and good manners. $6000 He is located in Stephenville, TX — Contact Traci Davis — 254-433-0806

Red Roan Mare – 3 years old

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This mare is a looker, built well and handles nice!

Red Paynes Freckles is a very nice 3 year old AQHA mare. This little mare has been ridden out on a 1200 acres south Texas Ranch. She is ridden daily, riding thru cattle, doctoring cattle and more. She handles nice, may need some refining in a few spots but a nice using mare. She would look good riding down the trail, team penning, ranch sorting or more. $5500 She is located in Navasota, TX – contact Traci Davis for more info 254-433-0806

2 year old paint colt ready to start

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Flashy Colt ready to start your way!

This is “Texas” (do to the state of Texas being a white marking on his neck!) – He is super sweet – he leads, loads, bathes and stand to have feet trimmed. He is a grandson of Hidalgo (from the movie) He does not have papers and the mare was not registered. This gut was raised on a big place in South Texas and will know how to travel. Great deal at $1500 — He is located in Navasota, TX contact Traci Davis for more info 254-433-0806

Nice bay gelding – Bob

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4 year old bay gelding

This little gelding is 4 years old  handles nice — he has had a lot of mile on him! Rode daily on a big ranch – pasture roped on, gathered cattle, doctoring, branding sorting!

Sweet little horse and easy going. This ranch is 1200 acres and they ride daily. Have over 250 head of cattle to tend to. These horses from this place get rode and it shows! (I am selling them as the agent – If you have any questions please call)

Great deal at $5500 — he is down south Texas by Houston. Contact Traci Davis 254-433-0806

Lands of Texas

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Great investment property!!

Check out our listing on Lands of Texas!! Great investment property!!

Make back 10% on your money

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Are you an investor?

Looking for a great deal on a Real Estate investment? We have a great deal on a piece of land with a rented home on it. You get 3.69 acres with great renters. Low maintenance, easy up keep and low investment!

Keep renting it out and make money right away! Buy it at the discounted rate and turn around and resale it!! WIN WIN!!

Or looking for a first home? This is the one great deal and easy living.

Enough room to add another house to land and even make more!! 2 rentals in one place!!

Lets deal!! $58,000 this can be yours!! Contact Traci Davis for more info 254-433-0806

TnT Longhorn/Ranch Review!

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…INTRODUCING TNT LONGHORNS!!  – Review by PI of Productscheck them out!!

Traci with TnT Longhorns invited me out to see Bingo and Tater Tot, 2 Texas Longhorns. This was really fun. On Monday we went over and visited Traci and the Longhorns.

(This is Bingo)
(And this is Tater Tot)

Here is a little bit about Bingo and Tater Tot…

Sit atop a genuine 1 Ton Texas Longhorn for a great picture!!

Very Unique opportunity!! fun for the family, friends and more!! Make great Christmas cards, Social network profile picture and just to say you were that close to a steer in Texas!!

Take Pictures With Texas Longhorn Steers ~ Private Session!

Have you ever wanted to ride a steer? Not one that bucks but one that is tame?

Well this is the deal for you!! We are located in Weatherford, TX. I have 2 Longhorn riding steers, they are super gentle and LOVE to have their pictures taken!!

I am offering — If you would like to do family pictures with the steers I am offering for $300 for a 30 min session the steers can hold up to 4 people about 400 lbs you can use both or one – no rides just sitting. saddled or not saddled. We do evaluate the Guest ability to have the physical ability to safely get on or off the Steers. We have the right to refuse if guests are not physically fit, under the influence or conducting bad behavior. The Steers also have a weight limit but we have several on the ground suggestions with the Steers that are just as fun.

The boys (Bingo and Tater Tot) love to have their pictures taken and are very easy to handle. I am offering people to come out here to do pictures with their own camera. If you need to do a larger group on location we can arrange that as well!!

Bingo and Tater Tot have been in commercials and love to show off their horns for the camera!! Contact Traci Davis to schedule your session!!254-433-0806 or 254-433-0806

While visiting TnT Ranch be sure to ask about our horses for sale or check out the link here. As well as Tom Davis Horsemanship! Tom offers day and weekend clinics as well as top notch horse training.”

Sounds nice! Here are some picture of when we visited them…

(Traci saddled Bingo for us so that my sister and I could sit on him.)

(Those of us that went to see Bingo and Tater Tot)

(My sister with Bingo)

(Look at Tater Tot’s Horns!)

(And Bingo’s Horns)

(Come on Bingo!)

Here is some information Traci gave me about herself and Longhorns…

Traci has raised and shown cattle most of her life. The longhorns (mainly Bingo) have been used in commercials. Bingo has even been taken inside a glass shop for a commercial! Bingo and Tater Tot are put out to pasture, so they don’t require much in the way of feed. Traci said longhorns are really easy to raise. Bingo is 13 years old, and weighs 2,100 pounds (wow!) and Tater Tot is 8 years old and weighs 1,850 pounds.

Bingo and Tater Tot are actually for sale right now!! — “This is a great money making/business opp. At some events make up to $2500 just letting people take pictures with them. Bingo can hold up to 3 people. Family photos, team photos and more. Easy to handle and travel and load well. Make a dream come true!! Buy the pair for $8,000 or just one for $5,000. Don’t miss this opp. These steers can live up to 30 years old, so they have a long line of income for you.” You can find more info here.

Here is some more info on Longhorns : “The Texas Longhorn is a breed of cattle known for its characteristic horns, which can extend to 7 feet (2.1 m) tip to tip for steers and exceptional cows, and 36 to 80 inches (0.91 to 2.0 m) tip to tip for bulls. Horns can have a slight upward turn at their tips or even triple twist. Texas Longhorns with elite genetics can often fetch $40,000 or more at auction with the record of $170,000 in recent history for a cow. Due to their innate gentle disposition and intelligence, Texas Longhorns are increasingly being trained as riding steers.”

Here is a video my Dad took introducing Traci and her longhorns…

Disclosure : I received no monetary compensation for
this review and giveaway. I did visit TnT Ranch for
review purposes. All quotes are from TnT Ranch.
All thoughts and opinions are mine.

TnT Ranch is a #1 company!


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