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Meet Team TKD

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Meet Team TKD

The Team!!!

Traci Davis

lives in….. Brock, TX

Gets Fired up by…. Feeling good and looking good!

Wishes…..I would have stuck to fitness before would have made it all easier! But I love it more now!!

Driven nuts by…..The scale when it does not move!

favorite Race….Urban Dare – lots of laughs 🙂

Favorite snack…. Mixed nuts and Watermelon!

Why do you run…. To find the legs I have always wanted!

Favorite exercise besides running……riding horses and bicycling

What motivates you….. The changes I see in the mirror.

Kasey Ables

lives in….. Goldthwaite, TX

Gets Fired up by…. spending quality time with great friends while running.

Wishes…..that one day I will be the runner I imagine :)

Driven nuts by…..trying to train on the treadmill

favorite Race….Mud Run, great obsticles, a break from running

Favorite snack…. Jalapeño Cheetoes

Why do you run…. I run to stay fit and show my kids how important it is to stay healthy

Favorite exercise besides running……dancing and bicycling

What motivates you….. My family and friends.

Darnelle Peterson

Darnelle Peterson www.TeamTKDTexas.comDarnelle Peterson

lives in….. Goldthwaite, TX

Gets Fired up by…. worthy causes, cool running shoes & good music

Wishes….Everyday was my carb-loading day :)

Driven nuts by…..hurrying to wait

favorite Race….Bluebonnet Race

Favorite snack….  Cheese

Why do you run…. For Friendship

Favorite exercise besides running……crunches and lunges

What motivates you……Chubby Thighs

Shannon Sweatt

lives in….. Millsap, TX

Gets Fired up by….Classic Rock Music!

Wishes…..It were easier for me to shed all the weight I’ve gained during 3 pregnancies.

Driven nuts by…..Stupid People :)

favorite Race….KJP run!

Favorite snack… Fruit! Especially strawberries, blueberries, watermelon and peaches!

Why do you run…..To have some much needed mommy time!

Favorite exercise besides running……Chasing my kids around!

What motivates you….. Knowing what I want my body to look like when I get back to pre-children shape.


Lace up the running shoes!

Are you a runner? Walker? Biker? Want to be?

No matter where you are you can fin a place for fitness with these books! These books describe and map the top running
routes, walking trails around many major US cities! These books will help you get out doors in the city you live in or if you are traveling you will know where the best of the best trails are!

Team TKD did Run The Rock marathon in December 2010 so if you have been inspired by us and want to run one in your area, these are the books you need! They will get you out on the streets running or walking. These books have a nice lay out and easy to find the city you want to research!

Looking for a gift for a running friend or family member – this would be a gift they would like! Help keep your friends and family motivated in their fitness goals! Or start goals of your own! Books with ideas and maps for more interesting routes to run in cities they visit or where they live, plus much more running information about those cities.

Be sure to go to Fun on Foot website and check out the  book series for runners and walkers. Check out the New York, Boston, and Philadelphia running-walking guide books with maps. The website is full of info! The books make it easy to take with you on the go!!

This review by Traci Davis – The Go To Momma! Check out more reviews at

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