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Make back 10% on your money

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Are you an investor?

Looking for a great deal on a Real Estate investment? We have a great deal on a piece of land with a rented home on it. You get 3.69 acres with great renters. Low maintenance, easy up keep and low investment!

Keep renting it out and make money right away! Buy it at the discounted rate and turn around and resale it!! WIN WIN!!

Or looking for a first home? This is the one great deal and easy living.

Enough room to add another house to land and even make more!! 2 rentals in one place!!

Lets deal!! $58,000 this can be yours!! Contact Traci Davis for more info 254-433-0806

Money, Money, Money!!!

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Move over Dave Ramsey!!

There is a new book in town!! The Secret Language of Money is a great book!! This book is filled with great tips and ideas to help anyone.

Money is so simple—yet at the same time so complicated—because it operates in our lives in ways that are emotional, unspoken, and unconscious.

Money can make any statement and carry any message. Money says whatever you tell it to. The wonder of money is that it can represent anything. It’s a stand-in for what we idealize and desire, yet fear and lack, for what we covet, crave, spurn, chase, or follow. We use money to show how much we care—or how little. We use it to measure success and buy happiness—or try to. We use it to bolster our self-esteem. We use money to communicate. Money language mirrors the unspoken self. Yet much of what we express with money remains outside awareness.

Everyone has a money story—a money autobiography with a plot, storylines, conflicts, and strivings. Every important relationship, including money, has its own history, develops its own story, and evolves its own language. Even though we talk about money regularly, think about it daily, we may not know how to clearly and simply tell our money stories to ourselves to see what needs to change.

A secret language becomes most developed by emotionally powerful desires. A desire is not quieted by its satisfaction; filling them can create desires. Money is the legal tender of desires. Money becomes the inkblot of the Rorschach test: when our eyes look straight at it, there is only a design on paper. But when offered the chance to imbue the design with meeting, the interpretations will be as wishful and varied as the fantasies of the respondents.

Fortunately, we can learn to decode the secret language of money, enabling us to both achieve greater wealth and derive greater happiness from the money we have. The Secret Language of Moneycombines two decades of clinical psychiatric and psychoanalytic practice, and most recently a decade of professional executive coaching with ground breaking research in psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral economics to mentor readers to consciously and strategically direct their own money decisions.

The book is a step-by-step operating manual that will make the reader fluent in the secret language of money. It will illuminate money narratives and mentor rewriting an informed, strategic, and successful money story. That money story permeates every aspect of our lives, and is one that consciously or not, we will teach our children.

Are you looking to learn more to save your financial future then for sure buy this book and do not just leave it on the shelf READ it!! Check out David Krueger’s site!

If you like the book, there is an extension and application of it:  Your New Money Story®: ROADMAP for Money Mastery Seminar Series on 5 CDs + Workbook  It’s also available digitally–as mp3 downloads + pdf of the Workbook. Be sure to check it out, you will be glad you did!

Review by Traci Davis ~ The Go To Momma!!




Do your kids understand we all need to make some “Dough”?

If you are having a hard time explaining to your kids, that you have to work, this is the book to help them!! This book called “Mommy & Daddy work to make some Dough” is very well written.

Written by Jennifer Pereyra, who has sought balance between her career and home life. While earning her B. A. from Lake Forest College, Jennifer studied in Madrid, where she met her husband, Ignacio. They are now raising their daughters in New Jersey.

Jennifer did a great job and wrote this book in a way all parents can relate to and help explain to their children why they have to leave everyday! With more moms, going back to work this is a much needed book and will be a great addition to any parents bookshelf.

Make some Dough

Make some Dough

In this book, Rebeca doesn’t want her parents to leave every day. But then Mommy explains why she and Daddy must go, to make a living and provide for their girls. Young children will love the fanciful rhymes and find reassurance when they understand why “Mommy and Daddy work to Make Some Dough”. Jennifer Pereyra’s charming tale is an excellent story for the children of working parents.

For more information about Jennifer and her book please visit her Facebook page and you can even pre-order the book right there as well!! You will be happy you did!!


This review written by Traci Davis – Author of The Momma Guide better known as The Go To Momma!!



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