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Empower Your kids!

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Kidfirmations ~ Empowerment Through Affirmations Builds Firm Foundations!

The mind of a child is more open and accepting of ideas and suggestions. Fill their cups with goodness! Practice positive affirmations!

Team TKD – is happy to have this great company on board!! Our team is trying to instill great healthy values in our kids and Kidfirmations is another great way to build that foundation!! 

The power of affirmations is particularly potent in children. The mind of a child is more open and accepting of ideas and suggestions. Fill their cups with goodness! Practice positive affirmations with your children and watch them flourish with confidence and self-esteem.

Kidfirmations empowers kids through confidence-building affirmations. Affirmations are the Building Blocks for prosperity, abundance, and ease. With multiple book series, video and mp3 sing-a-longs, toys and more, Kidfirmations is laying the foundation of a bright future for all to enjoy!

Be the first to visit Kidfirmation’s online store (coming soon!) – follow them on twitter for updates and daily Building Blocks.

I love that kidfirmations is with our team it goes so good with my book The Momma Guide – I love tying it all together!! We will keep you posted on goings on of kidfirmations!!

Traci Davis………



Magic In The Garden

What if little girls could make magic in their own backyards?

Momma are you looking to get the kids off the couch and outside for a new adventure? You need to check out this book! This book can kickstart their imagination and also improve their reading skills!! This book is a BONUS!! You get a 2 for one deal – brains and adventure!

Two sisters invent do-it-yourself magic in their own backyard and discover we could all use a little encouragement to grow and blossom, just like the plants in their mother’s garden.  The story encourages creativity and playing outdoors – something kids really need these days.

Witch Littles: Magic In The Garden is a book for girls aged 6-11 (yet ‘witches’ of all ages seem to enjoy it.)

This book was accepted into the permanent children’s collection at the main Long Beach Public Library. Laurie was honored by the high praise from the children’s librarians who rarely accept outside books. Author Laurie Lamson is a writer with a filmmaking background who has believed in magic ever since she was a little witch herself.

Witch Littles is available as a print on demand at Createspace and Amazon, and in Los Angeles at Agape’s Quiet Mind Bookstore. Retail price is $8.99.

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By Traci Davis – The Go To Momma — check out my other reviews and if you have a book or product you would like reviewed let me know!




Do your kids understand we all need to make some “Dough”?

If you are having a hard time explaining to your kids, that you have to work, this is the book to help them!! This book called “Mommy & Daddy work to make some Dough” is very well written.

Written by Jennifer Pereyra, who has sought balance between her career and home life. While earning her B. A. from Lake Forest College, Jennifer studied in Madrid, where she met her husband, Ignacio. They are now raising their daughters in New Jersey.

Jennifer did a great job and wrote this book in a way all parents can relate to and help explain to their children why they have to leave everyday! With more moms, going back to work this is a much needed book and will be a great addition to any parents bookshelf.

Make some Dough

Make some Dough

In this book, Rebeca doesn’t want her parents to leave every day. But then Mommy explains why she and Daddy must go, to make a living and provide for their girls. Young children will love the fanciful rhymes and find reassurance when they understand why “Mommy and Daddy work to Make Some Dough”. Jennifer Pereyra’s charming tale is an excellent story for the children of working parents.

For more information about Jennifer and her book please visit her Facebook page and you can even pre-order the book right there as well!! You will be happy you did!!


This review written by Traci Davis – Author of The Momma Guide better known as The Go To Momma!!



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