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Team TKD Product reviews!

New Life Style Diet was started by, Hamilton Erridge, who lost over 100 pounds in 2002.
Founded in 2004, New Lifestyle Diet not only allows people to rapidly lose weight, but more importantly, learn how to keep it off.In working with thousands of dieters, they come to recognize that while people can be successful on many weight loss programs, unless a person is able to overcome a key set of universal issues – the person is ultimately destined to put the weight back on.

Since the goal of New Lifestyle is to ensure that this is the last diet you’ll ever need, you’re provided with a comprehensive set of lesson plans for changing your life. By following the program, you’ll learn to identify the behaivors that are causing you to be overweight, and more importantly, how to overcome them. As a result, on the New Lifestyle Diet, you won’t just be losing weight quickly, you’ll be learning how to keep it off for the rest of your life.

The Mission of New Life Style is to help people lose weight and stay healthy by consuming Foods that they love       (Shakes, Puddings, Soups, hot drinks, snacks etc.). To provide information and resources that help people  make a lifestyle change so that the extra pounds shed are never put back on.The Products includeWomen’s Weightloss Programs
Men’s Weightloss Programs
Nutrition Bars/Snacks
Hot Soups/Cereals
Hot Drinks
Liquid Diet Program
Meal Replacement Program
Diet AccessoriesOne of the best things is the Virtual Model — you can put in current weight and desired weight and see the difference!!  Be sure to go check them out and tell them Traci Davis and friends sent you!!!

New Life Style!


Cindy Voorhies shares with people about an all natural site specific body wrap that breaks down and metabolizes fat and toxins from the fat cells resulting in inch loss within 45 minutes.  To learn more check out

The Product

The It Works vision to provide you with one-of-a-kind, safe, effective, and affordable products is driven by our commitment to integrity at the forefront of our product development. Because responsibility to you is our primary goal, It Works products are formulated by leading scientists, herbalists, and researchers using the best natural ingredients, cutting-edge science, and strict quality standards to provide effective products that safely nourish your body and enhance your life.

Our honest approach to nutrition and wholesome ingredients has guided It Works through the harmonious blending of science and nature to bring superior, affordable products from our business to your home. It Works is proud to offer its one-of-a-kind body slimming treatments, top-notch nutritional supplements, and a specially-formulated skin care line that helps stop or delay the harmful environmental effects that contribute to the speed of the aging process.

Watch this video ~

It Works


Be sure to Contact Cindy she would love to help you an answer all your questions!!


These bottles are great!! Team TKD uses them while riding and running!! In the Texas Heat they will keep your drink colder longer!! 24 oz size is perfect to keep you hydrated even on the longest of rides!! The sports bottle design fits perfect on your bike and the carrying strap makes it nice to tag along with you on runs/walks or any workout you might be doing!! The bottles also come in 20 oz for shorter rides and runs. An the new half twist bottles are good for everyday use for any lifestyle!!

Team TKD loves Polar Bottles

Polar Bottle® is the original insulated plastic sport bottle. It keeps liquids colder longer than other water bottles. We innovated the industry back in 1994 by creating a bottle that would actually keep water cool during any outdoor activity. The bottle has evolved in the years since with brightly colored foil liners and patterns and an innovative removable valve system. Made in America, Polar Bottle is popular throughout the world.

Be sure to check out and tell them Team TKD sent you!! You will be glad you tryed this bottle!!


The incredible training supplement that waspreviously only available to elite teams and athletes is now available to the general public! Any athlete who wants to be more EXPLOSIVE, have more ENDURANCE, and have a faster RECOVERY needs to read this

The training supplement that was previously only available to elite teamsand athletes is now available to the general public!Once you try it, you’ll know why so many top athletes in so many different sports can’t stop raving about it!What’s the Big Secret?O-X-Y-G-E-NMost of us have seen pro football players using oxygen on the sidelines. By flooding their bodies with oxygen, they can perform at the highest possible physical level for the entire game.What many people don’t know is that top athletes in many different sports have been using oxygen in their training for years in secrecy.Why?… Because it really works!The reason the general public has never really been educated on the benefits of oxygen on physical performance is that in the past, oxygen was only available with a doctor’s prescription and supervision. This made it only accessible to ELITE teams and athletes.This is no longer the case.The first breakthrough came with “oxygen bars” offering recreational oxygen to consumers. This didn’t help athletes much though because it’s not like there is an oxygen bar on every corner and it’s not like every athlete wants to run to an oxygen bar before they work out or compete.The most recent breakthrough though, is the one that will catch your attention as an athlete. Check this out:Recreational breathing oxygen now comes in small portable canisters that allow you to CONVENIENTLY flood your body with oxygen ANY TIME YOU WANT. This can have a HUGE impact on your physical performance! The Sports ScienceThere are basically three principals you need to know about how oxygen affects muscle performance. Once you understand these principals, it’s easy to see why it works so well.Principal 1OXYGEN combines with glucose to create ATP, the main energy source for your muscles. The more ATP your muscles have, the more powerful and explosive they will be.Principal 2When your muscles don’t receive enough OXYGEN to support their exertion, they begin to produce lactic acid, which can cause muscle fatigue and failure. The more OXYGEN your muscles receive, the slower the production of lactic acid and the slower the rate of muscle fatigue.Principal 3OXYGEN is needed by your body to metabolize lactic acid in the liver AFTER exercise. The more OXYGEN you get into your body POST-exercise, the faster your muscles can recover.In simple terms, flooding your body with oxygenbefore, during and after exertion, should allow you to train harder, train longer and recover faster.If that is not enough to make you want to try using oxygen,then please read on!Supporting ResearchThere have been numerous university studies on what is known as “hyperoxic training” (training under elevated oxygen levels) and the results have been pretty conclusive. Hyperoxic training has been shown to:Increase Power OutputIncrease Muscular EnduranceDecrease Lactate Production During ExertionReduce Cardio Stress During ExertionAllow Athletes to Overcome Plateaus they were not able to overcome at Normal Oxygen Levels Help Athletes get Faster Results from TrainingWhat athlete in their right mind would not wantthese kinds of benefits?High Altitude vs. Low AltitudeOne of the most popular training philosophies these days is live high – train low.The LIVE HIGH aspect has you live at high altitude or sleep in an altitude tent so that your body produces more red blood cells, which improves oxygen delivery to the muscles.The TRAIN LOW aspect has you train at lower altitudes where the oxygen content is higher so that you have more power, more endurance, less lactate production and faster recovery times.Many experts agree that the fastest, most powerful athletes all train at sea level where the oxygen content is high because it allows for higher intensity training. With that higher intensity, the muscles adapt to and remember the faster speeds and increased power outputs. If you really think about it, the ability to flood your body with oxygen at any time is kind of like instantaneously going to a lower altitude to train or compete, except without all of the hassle.

No Matter What Your Sport… No Matter What Your Level…Oxygen can take your Training and Performance to a New Level!

If you are serious about your training and competitive performance, you need to be using OXYGEN! To order, go to: Questions?… Call (254)433-0806


Team TKD Loves Tail-Wags Helmet covers!! These helmet covers are so fun our team enjoys wearing them on our team bike rides!! We even won a costume contest during the Urban Dare race in Austin, Texas.

With all the fun colors and shapes that tail-wags offers there is something for the whole family or the whole team!

Urban Dare Austin

Safety and Fun Combined
Tail Wags Helmet Covers are delighted to offer you a product that combines safety and fun. Children actually want to wear their helmets when given the opportunity to dress-it-up with a Tail Wags helmet cover. Adults love them too!

40 Designs Available
Whether you want adorable, funky or “cool”, finding the right look for every member of your family and friends is easy with our wide selection.

Fits All Sports Helmets
Tail Wags Helmet Covers fit ALL models of bike, ski, snowboard, toboggan, skate and equestrian helmets. Tail Wags are meticulously designed with a slit at the back to allow the wearer to access the helmet’s goggle clip.

Superb Quality
All Tail Wags products are manufactured exclusively in Canada using the finest technology including computerized cutting. Every helmet cover is carefully inspected to ensure it meets our rigorous standards of quality. Of course, Tail Wags have been tested to ensure compliance with the new CPSIA product safety regulations.

Choosing the Right Size
The fleece helmet covers are available in two sizes: Adult and Child. Generally, kids will wear the child size up to approximately 10 years old. The new lycra helmet covers are one-size-fits-all.

Be sure to check out Tail-Wags site and tell them Team TKD sent you!! Keep up the fitness!


Even if you did not make a resolution this year you have made on before I am sure, most people make one in their life! How have you been doing with yours? Are you trying to shed those extra pounds? Do more exercise? Are you at a stand still need a way to jump back in and get a fresh outlook. Or are you just wanting to start now!!

Well New Life Style Diet is the place to go! New LifeStyle is a great system that works for so many. You can have great tasting meals and still watch the pounds melt away!

Team TKD

Lose weight faster than traditional diet programs and overcome the reasons behind your eating. Whether you need to lose 20 pounds or 200, you’ll achieve fast weight loss results, create a new way of living, and learn how to keep the weight off for the rest of your life.

The New Lifestyle Diet Plan is a portion controlled, nutritionally balanced weight loss program that allows your body to rapidly lose weight, by burning fat for energy. The Women’s and Men’s programs are nutritionally balanced and formulated with a proven combination of calories, carbohydrates, and protein, ensuring that you’ll achieve fast weight loss, while still maintaining your lean muscle. Go to Http:// to get started today!!

Team TKD loves the way the products taste and work!! To save on the program you choose from New LifeStyle be sure to use discount code TEAMTKD and save today!! You will be glad you did!!


Team TKD Loves

Do you need to book a hotel? Well before you look any where else be sure to! Wow we are so glad we did!! Book all your travel plans with them online today!!

As you know our Momma fitness AKA “Team TKD” travels Texas doing fitness events! This last weekend we had the pleasure of doing the Run for the BlueBonnets in Bastrop, TX and we contacted for our reservations. They booked us a great room at the Hyatt in Austin!

Enjoying Hotel!!

What a great place to stay! Easy checkin and nice breakfast, clean rooms and service. knows how to pick a great room!!

You want to be sure to “like” their Facebook pagethey do GREAT giveaways for FREE rooms – yes FREE rooms!! WOW you can not beat FREE!! is the proud team travel sponsor for the Saint Louis Rams, New York Jets, San Diego Chargers, Washington Redskins, Los Angeles Clippers, Golden State Warriors, and Florida Panthers. If any of the sponsor teams make the playoffs, will be giving away playoff tickets to their home games to the Facebook fans!! You want to be a FAN!!!

Team TKD will be traveling with form now on!! Thanks guys!! 


Creamy Peanut Butter Bar

Now New Lifestyle has a new  Creamy Peanut Butter Bar it is the newest bar that tastes incredible. If you love the taste of peanut butter, then this is the bar for you. Not only does it taste amazing, but it has an incredible 10 grams of protein per bar.

Team TKD

If you do not know about New LifeStyle Diet then you need to!! With NLSD you can Lose weight faster than traditional diet programs and overcome the reasons behind your eating. Whether you need to lose 20 pounds or 200, you’ll achieve fast weight loss results, create a new way of living, and learn how to keep the weight off for the rest of your life.

You will have help along the way and not feel alone. Great team and products at New Lifestyle keeps them at the top!

Team TKD loves New Lifestyle for great savings use code “TEAMTKD” to save!! You will be glad you did!!


Well make it smell better!!

Fundraisers can stink! Well so to say….. What if you could have a fundraiser smell like roses, or leather, or apple pie! The list goes on and on!! With a Scentsy you can make all your fund raising efforts smell better!!

Scentsy… “The Hottest New Thing in Candles” is also the hottest new thing in fundraising. Are you tired of doing the same old fundraisers each year? Why not let Scentsy take care of your fundraising goals for you?

Scentsy fundraisers are perfect for Church Groups, 4-H clubs, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cheerleading Squads, Gymnastic Teams, Youth Sports Teams, Competitive Dance Teams, Pre-Schools, Day Care Centers, School and Marching Bands, Booster Clubs, Drill Teams and many other clubs, schools, community groups and organizations. Basically every organization that you can think of who could use a little extra help throughout the year.

If you are needing a “fresh smell” in your fundraiser be sure to contact – Stacy will be glad to help you!

Two Types of Fundraisers

Fairs and Special Events – You can have a fundraiser at your organization during a fair or special event by simply setting up a table with some catalogs and order forms. You just take orders from participants and at the end of the fair Stacy will collect the order forms and get the products ordered ordered for you.

Traditional Door to Door – One of the most popular form of fundraiser is the community fundraiser where members of your organization go out into the community and collect orders from family, friends, and neighbors. After approximately 2 weeks of gathering orders, Stacy will collect the order forms and get the products ordered.

Stacy will provide all the materials needed such as, catalogs, order forms, envelopes, and instructions. In both types of fundraisers, you will have help answering any questions or handle any items that may arise.

What Will Your Organization Receive?

You will receive cash in the amount of 25% of all the products sold. Therefore if your fundraiser generates $2000.00 in sales (very easy to achieve), your organization will get a check in the amount of $500.00. Shipping on the products are free and each order will be inventoried, labeled and sorted. They will then be delivered to you individually packaged for all of your customers to pick up and enjoy. Products will be delivered to you approximately 2-3 weeks from the time that the orders are entered into the computer.

So do it now go to and get started now!! You will be glad you did!!

By Traci Davis ~


Summer is getting close!

Need help to get into that bathing suit still?  Well it is your lucky day! NEW LIFESTYLE DIET can and will help!! Even with only a few months left you can get started now and see some or all (depending how much you have to loose) those extra pounds leave your body! The shakes, puddings, protein and snack bars, soups and more!! This diet is easy to follow and you will reach your goals!! NEW LIFESTYLE DIET makes your goals easy to reach! The plans and packages are on the site formulated for men or women! Even a family plan! This is the best thing you can do for your health and body!! For a discount at order time put in “TEAMTKD” and save!


Positive Portions…

We could all use this book.  Statistics show that people who keep a food journal lose twice as much weight as those who don’t. Shannon Hammer has put together this great book.  It is inspirational and gives great tips along the way. Simple tips thru the weight loss experience can help for sure keeping you going! I know this for a fact! Shannon has lost over 100 lbs and so can you!

Just like our Team TKD — we love fitness and this book can help keep you running like we do and becoming a positive light in your own life and those around you. Team TKD loves anything that gets people moving! Especially momma’s!! Positive Portions can help you get that boost and motivation. Momma’s lives are hectic and I know what you are thinking, now I have to keep track of what I eat and the activity’s I do!! Yes you do!! To help you along your journey and keep going then you do! You will be glad you did!!

Like I tell friends all the time, that say I do not have time, well you do not have time not to. This is your health and you need to keep it in check. Proper diet and exercise WILL HELP YOU! You will have more energy thru your day when you start it right. Being over weight and poor diet can cause fatigue, stress and more. Eating right and exercise will give you energy and stamina! Write it down and stick with it you will be glad you did!

Be sure to go to Shannon’s website, she has a great book that will help you with your goals! Be sure to read her story it is great!!

By Traci Davis


No pockets on those fitness clothes?

No Problem! With the Go Caddy you can carry a water bottle, power bar, snacks, cash, ID and more! This “tote” is great for any fitness event, hiking, running, biking or even use traveling. The Go Caddy is light weight and will not weigh you down! Team TKD – loves The Go Caddy! Whether you are running a Marathon or trying to get into shape or back into shape then be sure to try The Go Caddy!

During workouts and anytime thru the day you want to be sure to stay hydrated but it is not always easy! With the Go Caddy you can pack your water everywhere! Keep your hands free to take pictures or keep all your small items together easily!

Our team is always wondering where to keep our keys while we run. The fitness gear we wear is slim line and most do not have pockets. The Go Caddy is a great tote for all our needs and we know it will great for you too!! In many colors to choose from so we know you will find the right color for you!

Be sure to go to The Go Caddy websiteand find a retailer near you!

Reviewed by Team TKD! — If you have a fitness product you would like more exposure for be sure to let us know! We would love to check it out!


You can wear Luck and more!!

Women always put everyone in their life first. WEAR LUCK is clothing that reminds women to do something for yourself. Wish it! Wear it! LIVE IT!!

Team TKD – knows that YOU are important and all Momma’s need time to be themselves and not loose themselves in their family! Well we found a shirt company that can help us even more with that goal!! WEAR LUCK!!

WEAR LUCK is clothing line that restoes balance in a woman’s life! WEAR LUCK has 9 ways for you to strengthen your core. Take our test and figure out what is out of balance in your life: Creativity, Romance, Health, Confidence, Fame, Career, Wisdom, Family and Prosperity.

These shirts are the most comfortable shirt you will ever wear! and Do they bring you luck? Well if luck is a state of mind then yes!! Team TKD highly recommends Wear Luck!! Be sure to follow them on Facebook and tell them we sent you!!

In my book The Momma Guide – we tell moms how important that “Mom time” can be! When you feel good in what you wear it makes that Mom Time all the better!! So as an author of Momma Self-help and a team member I say get you a shirt today!! You will be glad you did!! Traci Davis ~  The Go To Momma

Team TKD at the Run with the Bluebonnets 5k in Bastrop, TX – with our Luck on!!


Ever want to do a triathlon?

Well team TKD – is setting forth with the Tri spirit! We are looking forward to our first Tri!! With great motivation coming from great sources, we will be crossing that finish line before long!! With our teams last Half Marathon each step brings us more rewards and nothing is better then running with friends and being noticed for our great gear! 

We love the comfort of the TRIX Gear! The shirts kept us warm pre race and were comfortable to move in. We are excited to be able to train in the shirts and they are even fun to wear on any sporty day or relaxing in as well!

Let us tell you more about TRIX ~

What do you get when you cross a triathlon obsessed husband with a graphic designer wife? Marriage met on middle ground and some pretty inspired tri lifestyle t-shirts. Frustrated by lack of fashion friendly triathlon inspired t-shirts during their seven plus years participating and spectating the team takes on the need and launches their online store October ’09.

Paul Duffy
United Kingdom

Paul Duffy has been participating in triathlons since 2002 but it wasn’t until his brain tumor in ‘05 that the sport became more meaningful to him.  Getting up to train day after day has come to symbolize good health and capability.  Paul’s wife agrees but would add that the sport really suits his hyperactive nature and is a great counter balance to a largely sedentary day job.

Celeste Duffy

Celeste has yet to compete in a triathlon herself but does not feel this impedes her insight into the sport.  Having trailed three kids over eight years to a multitude of races not to mention accommodating her husband’s persistent and busy training schedule must certainly qualify her for some form of a finisher’s shirt.  While she waits she applies her graphic design background and her rather lengthy hours of spectating to Trix-Gear’s line of t-shirts.

Be sure to check out TRIX website and get your own gear and motivation! Team TKD is happy to be part of TRIX team!


Kidfirmations ~ Empowerment Through Affirmations Builds Firm Foundations!

The mind of a child is more open and accepting of ideas and suggestions. Fill their cups with goodness! Practice positive affirmations!

Team TKD – is happy to have this great company on board!! Our team is trying to instill great healthy values in our kids and Kidfirmations is another great way to build that foundation!! 

The power of affirmations is particularly potent in children. The mind of a child is more open and accepting of ideas and suggestions. Fill their cups with goodness! Practice positive affirmations with your children and watch them flourish with confidence and self-esteem.

Kidfirmations empowers kids through confidence-building affirmations. Affirmations are the Building Blocks for prosperity, abundance, and ease. With multiple book series, video and mp3 sing-a-longs, toys and more, Kidfirmations is laying the foundation of a bright future for all to enjoy!

Be the first to visit Kidfirmation’s online store (coming soon!) – follow them on twitterfor updates and daily Building Blocks.

I love that kidfirmations is with our team it goes so good with my book The Momma Guide – I love tying it all together!! We will keep you posted on goings on of kidfirmations!!

Traci Davis………


Dr Larry McCleary MD’s book

This book can and will change the way you think about how you feed your body! If you are at that spot in your weight loss – you know that spot – you have tried everything to lose that last 5, 10 or even 20 pounds and NOTHING seems to be working. Then you need Dr McCleary’s book

In this book you will find….

  • * lists of good foods you should be eating to boost brain function, lower cholesterol and increase immunity
  • * detailed meal plans scientifically proven to boost weight loss
  • * recipes for satisfying dishes with a metabolism-boosting fat-to-fiber ratio
  • * case studies of real people who’ve lost weight on the Feed Your Brain, Lose Your Belly diet

Instead of forcing yourself to eat less, you’ll eat better and feel fuller–while providing your brain with the high-octane fuel it needs to thrive.

The information in this book is very helpful and can help even the hardest weight loss case! We as fitness moms LOVE this book and are excited about telling everyone about it! Be sure to go to Amazon and order your copy today! Check out Team TKD and all we do, that and this book will help you find the motivation you need to reach your goals!!

Thanks for reading our blog! Traci Davis

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