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Team TKD – Momma Fitness!

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Showcase Your Business
Team TKD is a perfect market for all company’s who want to bring more exposure to their business! There are several ways that Team TKD can help you promote your business:


We are currently looking for sponsors for 2011. Team TKD would love to discuss a mutually beneficial sponsorship agreement that would assist us in doing more events that help great charities and promoting a healthy, active lifestyle to families. We would welcome the opportunity to advertise for your company by placing your logo and company name on our promotional materials as well as our competition and training apparel and equipment.
Team TKD is based in Texas, but we are looking for races in other areas we can travel to.

Please Contact Us to discuss monetary, or product and equipment contributions. We are also able to provide product reviews and testing for running and triathlon related equipment, shoes and apparel. We have several events planned we will be able to use a variety of items at, as well as our daily workouts!!

2. Advertise with a banner ad and/or blog post. Also posted to all of our many social media followers, Increase your traffic and gain awareness of your product and your company at a reasonable cost!

Team TKD Texas

3. Sponsor a giveaway or a contest! If you have an item you would like to donate (endurance sports related), email us at to propose sponsoring a giveaway. After we review your proposal, we will contact you. If we feel that your giveaway is a good fit for Team TKD, we will set up the schedule and details for the contest/giveaway.

4. Offer a free products for Team TKD! Any sort of endurance sports sample product would be distributed to the team to use at events and training. Email us at to share your free product.

5. Have us review your product! Personal recommendations and word of mouth are always great advertising! Your product will be reviewed and blogged about on our blog and social media as well as emailed to all our fans.

6. Write a guest blog post! Have some information about endurance sports you’d like to share? Would you like for TEAM TKD to interview you on our blog? Email us your guest blog idea and we’ll review your idea to see if we can work it in!

Thanks for all the support and fun races we get to do!!! Keep in fitness your body WILL thank you!!

We will wear your logo on our shirts!! It Works!!

We will add your logo to our shirts or coats and wear them proudly at some great sporting events. Including but not limited to Adventure races, Horse shoes, Working cowhorse, Bike events, cutting horse shows, running marathons triathlons and more.

With the horse show events we will have western long sleeve starched shirts, your logo will be on a sleeve or back of the shirt.

Team TKD

Team TKD

If you do one on our running or bicycling event shirts it will be placed on the back of the shirt.

With each event the crowds are well over 15,000 people plus all the flyers we place out with our info and your logos on them as well.

The shirts/coats will also be worn after the events around town and pictures will be put on our blog and social media sites and in the local paper mentioning your site/business.

This is a great opportunity to get more exposure and publicity!! Reserve your spot NOW!!! call or email me 254 433 0806

Your logo on our shirts

Promote Your Page Too

Hi there, We are are team of moms that are looking for sponsors to help us do as many fitness events as we can! We want to be great role models for our daughters and communities. We have done a few races/bike events and planning more also are planning a Triathlon come this spring! The crowds are very large and are great for added exposure for your business. This is a great opportunity to get your site and products out more. We will be posting pictures on Facebook, twitter and Myspace were we both have many followers and fans. Also in our local paper and on my blog as well!! We would love to wear your logo on our jerseys. If you are interested in sponsoring us please feel free to contact me Thanks for your time 254 433 0806

Biker Chicks

Biker Chicks

Team TKD – Fitness Momma’s

Traci Davis, Kasey Ables, Darnelle Peterson, now Shannon Sweatt and sometimes Brandi Rountree, Shay Eison, Crystal Dowell, Kristin Harris! Great group of women that have fun doing Marathons, Half’s, 10k, 5k, bike events, adventure races and even Triathlon! We work hard to stay in shape. We have great “mom” time or “girl” time away.

We have great support from great sponsors!! Check out all the wonderful events and sponsor we have by going to

We love supporting and giving back to all the great charities and causes at the races thru the great state of Texas.

We are currently looking to do sport bags and check packs for the races. If you would like to be a sponsor and get your name on the bags please contact Traci Davis for more info 254-433-0806 or

Watch the video to see some of the fun runs and races we have done and the great sponsors we have!!

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  1. Thanks for the great exposure for Tail Wags Helmet Covers,

  2. We loved every minute of it!! Thanks for the support!!

  3. Super honored to have sponsored your team! Would love to be involved in future opportunities. Keep up the great work Traci :>)

  4. Thanks Stacy!! We love all you have done for us!! Thanks


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