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Not pockets on those fitness clothes?

No Problem! With the Go Caddy you can carry a water bottle, power bar, snacks, cash, ID and more! This “tote” is great for any fitness event, hiking, running, biking or even use traveling. The Go Caddy is light weight and will not weigh you down! Team TKD – loves The Go Caddy! Whether you are running a Marathon or trying to get into shape or back into shape then be sure to try The Go Caddy!

During workouts and anytime thru the day you want to be sure to stay hydrated but it is not always easy! With the Go Caddy you can pack your water everywhere! Keep your hands free to take pictures or keep all your small items together easily!

Our team is always wondering where to keep our keys while we run. The fitness gear we wear is slim line and most do not have pockets. The Go Caddy is a great tote for all our needs and we know it will great for you too!! In many colors to choose from so we know you will find the right color for you!

Be sure to go to The Go Caddy website and find a retailer near you!

Reviewed by Team TKD! — If you have a fitness product you would like more exposure for be sure to let us know! We would love to check it out!



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