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The 6 Week Workout Program

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I am always up for saving money!

Well this book “The 6 Week Workout Program” is a cheaper alternative to a personal trainer.  It tells you everything you need to do while at a gym. Tis book is easy to follow and the program will get you moving and keep you moving! Personal trainers are at times the boost you need to get going! But we are all making cut backs theses days! Not ready to give up the gym membership but need to cut back the trainer. This is it!! You need this book!

Nick Rainey has published THE 6 WEEK WORKOUT PROGRAM through the YMountain Press for people who don’t know what to do when they go to the gym! 

Not only great pictures of “how it should be done” but also charts to guide you thru and record your results!

To provide the feelings that quality workouts give to through THE 6 WEEK WORKOUT PROGRAM. Six weeks is a great amount of time to see fabulous results!! Check them out on Facebook and order this book you will be glad you did!! This book will pay for itself in the first few days!


Review by Traci Davis – The Go To Momma



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  1. If you can’t afford a personal trainer right now The 6 Week Workout Program would surely be excellent for you. I know many people who’ve used it and loved it!


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