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Need help finding sponsors?

Sponsor Xchange matches your marketing / advertising & promotional opportunities with businesses that are seeking the perfect marketing partner. It’s simple, fast and inexpensive.

If you want to find the best opportunities to promote your business, Sponsor Xchange is your international one-stop shop.

If you are looking for a sponsor and have a great opportunity you want to sell, Sponsor Xchange is your window to the world.

Sponsor Xchange will save you time and money.

Sponsor Xchange saves you money with fixed rate pricing for listings. “No more expensive finders fees and commissions”.
Sponsor Xchange saves you time. If you want to search for, buy or sell marketing/advertising and promotional opportunities, is always open for business.
Sponsor Xchange gets results by connecting more buyers and sellers than anyone else.
It’s our promise to you that we will always focus on delivering exceptional value for money, and offer you the greatest selection of advertising, marketing and sponsorship opportunities from all around the world.

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Traci Davis - business woman, wife (to Tom Davis - The Horses Solution!), mom, Author and Horse broker!! multitasking extraordinaire!!

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