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Here’s a book for you. Authors Traci Davis & Vicki Holleman-Perez have written The Momma Guide, providing everyday practical advice for mommas everywhere. The Momma Guide addresses topics are far-ranging as birth, health problems, depression, divorce, death, and everything in between. As inspirational as it is informational, the hefty volume (461 pages) is a handy reference guide whenever something new and challenging comes up around the house. And though it might be easy to think of it as a “Desk Reference for Moms,” the information within is equally applicable to dads.

Written by mommas for mommas—a book-length reassurance that “You are not alone” and “You’re not the only one who’s ever had difficulty understanding how to be a good momma”—the delightful book took longer to write than normal because the author’s, practicing what they preach, put their families first, often writing with a child on their lap.
Traci Davis grew up in a small farming and ranching town where she had to find her own fun the good old fashion way: riding horses with her friends and making up games as they went along. A one-time rodeo queen and a born entrepreneur, Traci owned TLC Cleaning for over ten years and now runs the highly successful Tan Yer Hide and Tone It Too! Traci lives in Texas with her husband Tom and their two daughters.
An Eastern Washington native and a rodeo queen herself, Vicki Holleman-Perez lives in Ellensburg with her husband Jose and seven children. A freelance graphic designer, she holds a BA in speech communications, public relations, and marketing. She and Jose own a DJ/karaoke company that for almost fifteen years has provided entertainment throughout the northwest.
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Traci Davis - business woman, wife (to Tom Davis - The Horses Solution!), mom, Author and Horse broker!! multitasking extraordinaire!!

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